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There is no escape

May 12, 2006

Two weeks ago I was up to my neck in vomit and the other nasty stuff that shall not be named lest I incur the wrath of some nameless demon that infected my house, let’s call him Flu. Ever since my boys came along my immune system has been shot. I used to be one of those people that got the flu every few years, but they don’t tell you in the small print anywhere what having kids can do, mainly leave you wide open to every germ known to man.

So when both my boys woke up in the middle of the night a couple weeks back I knew I was destined to get sick as well. But damn if I was going to be sick when they needed me, though lets face it, dealing with puking and feverish children isn’t fun, but what’s a mom to do. So with the power of positive thinking I’m pretty sure I convinced myself I couldn’t get sick until they were past it.

After a couple days and still no symptoms I’m thinking maybe I’m actually in the clear this time. That day Jay came down with it. So then I had a four year old, two year old and a sookie husband all sick. By this point the boys were actually keeping things in both ends. (Aren’t you glad you had nothing better to do than read this much? LOL)

So the boys get better, Jay gets better and miraculously I’m still perfectly healthy. This is right around the time I started knocking on wood like I was some tripped out woodpecker.

So flash forward to two weeks later and who has a sore throat. Really, really sore throat, the kind that hurts every time you swallow. That’s right. ME. Is the whine coming through, because I’m definitely whining about it. I mean I come through that other nasty bug hoping that just once I really beat it. Okay, so maybe I didn’t get that bug, and after seeing what it did to the rest of my family, I should really stop bitching and moaning, but damn if its just not fair.

I shudder to think how much worse things will get when they’re actually in school. Surgical masks anyone?

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