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Back in action

May 3, 2006

Well after repeatedly hitting some invisible wall with my current wip during the last couple of weeks, I’m finally back on track. I have no idea why the words stopped coming. It wasn’t the story or the characters, so I can only assume my brain wanted a break. Could also have been that I had to stop working on it for a few days to work on some edits for another book, and I just lost my feel for what was going on.

But after writing my butt off last night, I’m feeling the story again and am excited about closing in on “the end”. Gage and Jordan had been so much fun to work with. I think they’ve slayed enough demons for the moment and I’m just gonna settle in and let them work out some of their issues. Plus I finally got a vision for the second book in my Shadow Destroyers series.

Once I have Gage and Jordan squared away I have more print edits to tackle to get Air ready for it’s November release.

All’s right in my writing world. At least for the moment.

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