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Beware of a writer’s mind

April 3, 2006

There are the stories you love to write. And then there are the stories you LOVE to write. The ones where every word seems effortless, the chesmistry is sizzling, and you want to lock yourself in a closet to keep on writing when real life intrudes. Right now I’ve got that new book vibe with a story I’m crazy about. This book is the first one in my demon hunters series, Shadow Destroyers: Resurrection. Gage and Jordan are talking nonstop. I’m in their heads, I feel what they feel, I want what they want…

And then…

That damn bastard otherwise known as self doubt decides to come for a visit. Or maybe he hasn’t yet, not really, and I’m just prepping myself for his unavoidable appeareance. He’s a regular in my writing world, and if I’m lucky he stays away until I’ve got a good hold on the book. But its inevitable. He’ll come, he’ll edge into my mind and make me doubt the story I love the way he’s made me doubt almost every story I’ve ever written at some point.

But this time I’m worried he’s going to be right. I have a tendency to doubt my writing (ask my cp lol), but with this story, I don’t think it sucks. I feel so good about it, when normally at this point I’d find something wrong with it, that I’m thinking I must be completely delusional. Self doubt always pops in. So while I await his untimely arrival I get to sit and think and OBSESS about whether or not the fact that I don’t think there’s anything wrong, actually means that something must be wrong, really, really wrong with this book.

Ah, the joys of being a writer.

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