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Watchtowers: Earth is OUT!

March 15, 2006

Book Four in the Watchtowers Series

Shania Blackfoot always knew she was different and has spent her life respecting and using her gifts to help others. Facing an ancient sorcerer determined to destroy the earth she treasures was never supposed to be part of the plan. Neither was falling for the man sent to find her.

From the beginning, Thane Denton knew his attraction to the last Watchtower was going to be a problem. Unlike the others, he knows he can’t be her elemental soul mate. But that doesn’t stop him from craving her. He believed his only purpose was to bring the Watchtowers together, an outsider looking in. When he’s literally brought to his knees during an earthquake and memories from a past he’s spent the last five hundred years trying to uncover start to surface, Thane has to wonder just what part he and his new found abilities have to play.

When past and present collide, the love they try to deny will be tested. But will it be strong enough to withstand centuries of hatred and betrayal and give them the courage to bring the Watchtowers together for the final confrontation with Amidurah? If they fail, their lives and the world as they know it will be lost.

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