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Hearing voices is a good thing

March 1, 2006

At least when you’re a writer.

It means your characters are talking and there is nothing more deterimental to a writer than when your characters remain silent. And if you’re really lucky, and the story sinks its teeth right in, then they start talking and don’t shut up. This is great for writing time, not so good when your husband is looking for some one-on-one time. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in a story, its impossible to shut it off.

It’s a nice distraction when you have those loads of laundry sitting there, not so good when you’re reading to your little guy and a scene pops into your heads and he stops you because you now sound like a robot as you’re reading without even really paying attention to what you’re reading.

Bottom line is, although inconvient at times, when you’re writing, its a good thing to have a characters thoughts in your head. Now if you’re hearing voices and you are not a writer, I have two words for you:

Strait Jacket

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