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The self-fulling prophecy

February 26, 2006

I remember the first time I ever heard that was in an intro to psychology course I took in university. Since then, I most often associate this label with my husband. Why you ask? Well he has this ridiculous tendency to make things happen that he assumes are already happening. Confused yet? LOL Take this morning for example, he makes a comment in passing that I was grouchy. I wasn’t. Everyone was leaving the house in another hour or so and I was going to have the entire rest of the day to myself.

Who could be grouchy about that?

Well the DH (a.k.a pain in the ass) didn’t believe me. Over the next course of the hour he continued to comment on my bitchiness. And with every passing comment and button pushing, I actually was starting to get bitchy. Then after he has done one thing after another to tick me off, he then says, “I don’t know how you didn’t think you weren’t being bitchy.”


He made me cranky. I get up not cranky. He says I am and then proceeds to somehow make me cranky, thus I fulfilled his initial belief.


And that concludes our psych lesson this week.


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