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Vamp today…cliche tomorrow?

February 25, 2006

With paranormal books all the rage these days, it makes me stop and wonder at what point the vamps and weres that I love to read and write about will become done to death. Once upon a time historicals were hot, then flooded the market and nowadays good ones are hard to find as a lot of publishers took quite a break from publishing a lot of that genre.

Is there where vamps and shifters are headed too? Will they one day wind up next to those those cliched plotlines like secret babies, amnesia, and twins mistaken for each other? Don’t get me wrong, those stories can still occassionally work, but they have to have a very unique twist nowadays to get an editor, let a lone a reader to pick it up.

I adore writing paranormal and hope readers don’t get tired of this genre for quite a while. I still have lots of vamp tales to tell.

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