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Guestbook Spammers Beware

January 19, 2006

This I don’t get. I’m not a NY bestseller and getting millions of hits to my site every week. Yet, these people target my website guestbook to post about about vacuum cleaners, car rentals, student load consolidation and more recently, pics of young gay boys.

You know, I get those people that do the mass spam e-mails and nail a hundred or a thousand people with the click of a button. But taking the time to stop by each website one at a time to just post their crap in guestbooks?

I really wonder, do these people have any lives at all? Not only to they post their garbage without permission, but they post on sites with content that has nothing to do with what they’re selling.

Seriously, how is it a law can be passed about “annoying” people online, but spammers still get away with their crap?

The venting is done now. 🙂

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