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April 22, 2010

My old website sort of crashed and burned last week so I had to switch hosts unexpectedly and redesign my site. Now my blog is built right into my site. You can now find my blog here: If you’re still seeing the old site for some reason, you may need to clear your cache.


It’s Hot In Here

January 28, 2010

At the moment I’m contemplating planting my butt in the snowbank at the end of the driveway. Aside from giving my neighbors something to talk about, I’m thinking it might help lower my temperature. For the last week I’ve been up to my eyeballs in feverish kids (yup all three had it) and woke up today with my own inner sauna cranked on high. I’m the first to admit that I whine when I’m sick. A lot. I figure I deal with everyone else whining on a regular basis (Middle has mastered this) with little complaint, then when I feel like utter crap I should get to bitch and moan about it.

Not surprisingly the Stud has been keeping his distance. At least he had been until he was tossing Babygirl around tonight (not a bright idea when her fever just broke earlier today) and she spit up all over him. You’d swear the potential germs were deadlier than an Ebola breakout by how fast he stripped out of his shirt. Still makes me smile.

And since I was pretty much MIA last week, I need to strap on my promo ho heels for a minute and remind you guys that Primal Attraction released last week. Did I mention I adore the cover Kanaxa designed for it? You should see the print one for Primal Seduction (print antho of Primal Hunger and Primal Attraction). I’ll show it off just as soon as I hear that it’s been approved.

Back to bed for me. And if you happen to see a Saint Bernard bounding through the snow, point him in my direction, k?

New Year, New Challenges

January 18, 2010

I’m blogging about kicking my sugar habit over at Nine Naughty Novelists. Drop by and share your favorite healthy snacks.

And the renovation continues

January 11, 2010

Finally got both coats of paint on the walls in the bathroom. It would look great if the Stud hadn’t decided after all to redo the tub surround. We were going to wait since he didn’t want to completely gut the bathroom all at once. Naturally he changed his mind and now my nice arctic ice (which is actually a light green shade) is lost amid the ripped down walls around the tub.

And the pic, notice anything missing? A bathroom sink perhaps? Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to not have a bathroom sink or mirror? You’re feeling my pain, aren’t ya.

In other non-home renovation news, I noticed that Primal Hunger was nominated for a CAPA award from the Romance Studio. There are a ton of great books also nominated for Best Paranormal Erotic Romance, but very cool to be nominated. So big thanks to the reviewers over there who felt Primal Hunger deserved it.

And you guys haven’t forgotten that Primal Attraction releases in just over a week, right? 🙂 And I’m having an ARC giveaway right now. Surf on over to my Website for all the details!

Pool Party and Contest!

January 9, 2010

We’re having a pool party! Visit Nine Naughty Novelists and chat with us about the things you’d never tell your mother. Plus there are three ebooks up for grabs, including an ARC of my upcoming release, Primal Attraction.

Highlights from 2009

January 5, 2010

A few of my memorable highlights from 2009…

The birth of my baby girl–without anything for the pain.

Watching Oldest teach himself to ride his bike.

Watching Middle fearlessly jump off the edge of the pool.

My new iPod Touch–my favorite xmas gift from the Stud this year.

Movies: The Proposal, The Hangover and Star Trek.

Books: Dreamfever – Karen Marie Moning, Flat Out Sexy – Erin McCarthy, Branded by Fire – Nalini Singh, Twilight series – Stephanie Meyer and Instant Attraction – Jill Shalvis. I’m sure there are more, but you know how it is. 🙂

What were your 2009 highlights?

Happy New Year!

January 4, 2010

I hope everyone had a great holiday and started the New Year off with a bang. The Stud and I cozied up on the couch with some wine and watched some stand-up comedy. So far we’re on par with our plan to stop being lazy and renovate the inside of the house. The bathroom is up first, though we’ll see how motivated I remain when I have to start stripping off the old wallpaper this week. Ug.

On the writing front, Dark Obsession has a release date of April 13th. Yay! And don’t forget Primal Attraction releases in two more weeks. I’ll be having a couple ARC contests and will post the details this week. Have to pry myself away from my new iPod Touch first. You have no idea how much I adore my new gadget.